Operation Identification

Operation Identification is a citizens crime prevention program to help safeguard property .

What is Operation I.D.?

Operation Identification is a citizens crime prevention program to help safeguard property. The program involves marking property with an identifying number as a way to discourage burglary and theft.

How to participate - It's easy! Just mark your property with your drivers license number, keep an inventory, and display your decal.


Use your 2 letter state identifier and your license number. Example: AL1234567. On hard surfaces, use an engraver to mark a permanent part of the item in a visible location. On soft or porous objects, use a permanent marker. For items that cannot be marked, take a photograph of the item, along with a description of the item. If an item is an heirloom or would lose its value if marked with an engraver then DO NOT engrave it! Follow the same procedure you would to have that item insured. Photograph or videotape items and keep the photos/tape in a fireproof safe or safety deposit box, along with a written description of the items. Jewelry should be photographed with an ID card and ruler next to it to show ownership and size.


Make an inventory of items. Be sure to include a complete description, including the make, model, color, unique qualities and serial number.


Display the decals in a visible place. The decals warn potential thieves that the property is marked. This makes it more difficult for the thief to sell the property and makes it easier for the thief to be caught. As a result, this acts as a deterrent.

How much does it cost?

It's FREE. Huntsville Community Watch Groups contact HCWA to checkout engravers. Decals are also provided at no cost.

Operation Identification